Save the Bay with Teresa Sorska

Why do I participate?

Since the onset of this ill-pumped storage attempted idea by TCE to ruin the Georgian Bay ecosphere and delicate social & economic environment on shores and kilometers further of Georgian Bay, I oppose it and share my and many others\’ opinions and facts through media ( Save Georgian Bay,, presentations and support of SGB.

Date and Time:
February 24, 2024 *Check-in starts at 11:30 am *Dip Time: 1:00 pm

Event Location:
Fred Raper Park, 207 Bayfield Street, Meaford, ON, Canada

The Georgian Bay team is dedicated to safeguarding our region against the potential adverse effects of T.C. Energy’s proposed hydroelectric pumped storage project. Our primary goal is to heighten awareness among the communities of South Georgian Bay and throughout Ontario about the invaluable natural resource and a national treasure. Georgian Bay is a gem, a cherished treasure that deserves preservation in its pristine state for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. Please help us keep this national treasure intact and thriving.

Calling all sponsors! Your support is crucial in spreading the word about Saving Georgian Bay. Let\’s make a bigger impact together—share using the provided Social Media icons and be a part of the movement to raise awareness. Every share counts in preserving this natural wonder! Thank you for being a key player in this vital cause.