Register for the Polar Dip

Let the Fun begin! Please register for “Save The Bay Polar Dip”. The fee is $20 to participate in this event.

After you pay and register we will send you your link that you can share with your family and friends to start your fundraising campaign. All collected funds will go to Save Georgian Bay. Please note that you can participate virtually by doing your dip at a location of your choice. You can post a photo or of your swim or send it to us.

How to prepare for a Polar Dip for the first time

Safety is the most important consideration. Jumping into Georgian Bay without preparation is not recommended.

  • Start preparing weeks before with a cold shower for just 10 seconds and increase the time gradually to build up your tolerance. Remember to breathe as the tendency is to hold your breath.
  • Focus on your breathing, keeping it steady and at the same time trying to avoid allowing your body to become tense.
  • Take an ice bath. Again starting with a short time period and increasing it.
  • When outdoors, always have someone on the shore to watch you and help you when you finish your dip.
  • Wear wet suit gloves and booties to keep your hands and feet warm and a toque to prevent heat loss from your head. 
  • Have warm, loose layered clothing available to change into and at least two towels to dry off. 
  • Do not stay in the cold water for longer than four minutes.
How to prepare for a Polar Dip for the first time

Save The Bay Polar Dip – Required Waiver

You must download and sign the waiver.

You can choose to plunge into Georgian Bay for the Group Swim Saturday, February 25, 2023 or Virtual swim. if unavailable on February 25, 2023. You can plunge in Georgian Bay anywhere, anytime the week before and the week after the group plunge on February 25. Then, videotape your swim and share it with family and friends by uploading it to our website.

SHARE THIS PAGE using your favourite social media account. Networking with family and friends is the best way to raise awareness about saving Georgian Bay.