Save The Bay with Freda Ariella

Event Date:

April 3, 2022

Event Time:

12:00 pm

Event Location:

Fred Raper Park, Meaford

Friends, neighbours family, grandchildren, and Save the Bay supporters.  

You know that Georgian Bay is my “ocean” and that I swim in its pristine waters amongst right up to mid-October 5:30 or 6:00 pm. I am either on my hot pink floater, totally unabashed, or on my giant black tire tube old-fashioned style.  Nancy and Dave and the scores of their visitors & grandkids, are my cheerleading orchestra. Nancy F is also my photographer and she will vouch that the hot pink spot chasing the rainbows is I.  Betty H will tell you that she worries about me being too far out on the water of my beloved Georgian Bay.  What will she say this February 27, 2022? In approaching storms, Tonya and Hatem will offer me refuge from the high waves in a gulf cart; and Tom, MEB, brothers and mom will wave during their dinner.  According to Tom’s father, there are no purer waters in the world than our Bay and he travelled the world over.  Sponsor me and help us preserve fish, flora, fauna and our clean air. So that Maya and her summer sisters can know we’ve saved this Bay AND they still can swim, kayak, surf, row, water ski and dive.  

Save Georgian Bay Association

The Georgian Bay team is working to protect our region from the negative impact of TC Energy’s proposed hydroelectric pumped storage project. Our focus is to raise awareness in South Georgian Bay and all Ontarians about un irreplaceable natural resources and a national treasure. It’s a gem, a marginalized treasure to be preserved as-is for our children and grandchildren.

Save The Bay Polar Dip on February 27, 2022.

We are challenging the brave people of our region to jump into our pristine (and frigid) Georgian Bay. This is a great way to get involved and contribute to a well-intentioned cause affecting all of us. All funds raised go towards supporting the work that the volunteers at Save Georgian Bay do in an effort to protect our national treasure and the communities and wildlife who rely on it.

Attention all sponsors, share using the Social Media icons provided. This is one way you can help raise awareness about Saving Georgian Bay. Check the F.A.Q. below for more information.

Sponsorship Examples

$25.00 Gift = 1 sponsorship x 25.00;
$50.00 Gift = 2 sponsorship x $25.00;
$75.00 Gift = 1 sponsorship x $25.00 and 1 sponsorship x $50.00.

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Event FAQs

How to enter your sponsorship?
1. Choose the tier at which you would like to give
2. Choose a quantity from the sponsorship drop-down list. You can choose 1 or more.

For example, if you and your child would like to sponsor a dipper, choosing 2 sponsorships would allow each to place a gift at the tier amount. The total gift amount will be doubled the tier value. As a result, each person would need to enter their name separately, which will be displayed under the dipper’s name in the sponsorship list.
How you can help to raise awareness about Saving Georgian Bay?
Share This Swimmer

If you have a social media account, you can quickly share the swimmer on your Facebook Page, Twitter, What’s Up or email. Simply click on the icon to quickly connect to your account to share. Social media networking with family and friends is the best way to raise awareness about saving Georgian Bay.

Event Location:

  • Fred Raper Park, Meaford
  • 207 Bayfield St

Event Schedule Details

  • April 3, 2022 12:00 pm   -   2:00 pm
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