By the Community, For the Community

Upon first learning about the TCE Proposal, we have led the effort to increase awareness throughout Meaford and the surrounding communities.

Who Are We?

Save Georgian Bay is a group of volunteers who oppose this plant being built on the pristine shores of Georgian Bay. Our group is comprised of local residents, cottagers, environmentalists, engineers, activists, consultants and business owners.

Our Mission

Our goal is to examine the proposal with a focus on economic, social, and environmental impact.

We are actively seeking volunteers to help educate the community and study the project.

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“Although the project is proposed for a site on the west coast of the Bay, Georgian Bay Association is examining this project because we have several concerns about its environmental impact on Georgian Bay, notably an increase to fish mortality, water turbidity, water temperatures, and habitat destruction. These impacts will affect the entire Bay, and we are concerned about the precedent it will set.

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