Community Impact

Community Impact

SGB’s Message

The jobs that TC Energy will create are temporary in nature, not adding long term value to the local economy.

Worker unavailability as well as a lack of technical skills and capacity will likely result in the required labor force and associated goods and services not being fully supplied locally.

A large influx of temporary workers (and potentially their families) to a region can lead to adverse social and environmental impacts on local communities, especially if the communities are rural, remote or small (such as the Municipality of Meaford). Such adverse impacts are usually amplified by local-level low capacity to manage and absorb the incoming labor force. Such impacts may include:

  1. Increased demand and competition for local social and health services
  2. Increased demand and competition for goods and services, which can lead to price hikes and crowding out of local consumers
  3. Increased volume of traffic and higher risk of accidents
  4. Increased demands on the ecosystem and natural resources
  5. Social conflicts within and between communities
  6. Increased risk of spread of communicable diseases
  7. Increased rates of illicit behavior and crime.


TCE’s Message

The project will create 1,000 jobs during development and construction. Once in operation, it is anticipated the facility will employ approximately 20 permanent positions.

The project is also expected to have a significant positive impact on local community economies during operation through the creation of skilled jobs, purchasing of local goods and services (e.g. equipment parts, fabrication, consulting, construction services, labour, materials such as gravel, etc.) and the associated indirect and induced financial benefits.

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Published by Pasquale Zita

8 comments on “Community Impact

  1. It’s getting to the point where all that is good is being ruined so the human greed can continue to profit. Hasn’t anybody noticed that enough is enough? That nature isn’t going to stand for it anymore? But the human race will suck up everything, the greedy will get their perceived rightful portion without giving a rat’s ass about their children’s future let alone all the other precious creature who inhabit this planet.

    1. Hi Laine,
      Thanks for your comments on the Save Georgian Bay Blog. I understand your frustration, and the best way to release it is to engage with the people that sympathize with your point of view. We are in a democracy, and your voice counts. So, participate and kill two birds with one stone.

    1. Hi Lawson,
      Thanks for your comments on the Save Georgian Bay Blog. Canada has a small population, but it’s the 2nd largest country in the world geographically. Within its borders, you are probably correct, but the wind and water currents don’t respect borders and pollution drifts into Canada from our neighbours. In a world where the population grows exponentially, we must manage our resources better.

    1. Hi Lawson,
      If you are referring to TC Energy distributing artistic presentations of their project to convince citizens of Meaford with beautiful but unrealistic designs, then I agree. We have made numerous requests for more technical data, such as how much cement they will need for the project, without success. TC Energy is censoring access to vital data for air and water quality along with many other environmental issues tabled by independent engineers for impact assessment during and post-construction.

  2. There’s–
    No Workers,
    No accommodations
    No local suppliers big enough to handle anything
    Perhaps not sewage and water capacity–I know of 4-5 Serviced sites being sat on in town
    No amenities,- pools- workout facilities- restaurants– what are 1000 single guys going to do after work???
    No grocery store capacity
    No heavy equipment around– a friend who owns a construction company in Thunder Bay can’t find enough
    Only one access road to the base
    NO !!PUBLIC!!! SUPPORT FROM—ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Brent, I agree with you. Isn’t it ironic? The people supporting the TC Energy project are doing it for economic benefits from the workers, but there is no economic benefit if the services and amenities are unavailable.
      So, the reality is that all these workers will go to where the services and amenities exist. Perhaps, Owen Sound or Collingwood etc.

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